Isnin, September 25, 2006

KeLuArGa SaYa

Aktiviti yang boleh dilakukan:

Bahasa Melayu

Bersoaljawab mengenai gambar keluarga.

Berpantun mengenai keluarga.

Bercerita mengenai keluarga saya

Berbual mengenai keluarga saya.

Bersolajawab mengenai keluarga.

Nyanyian lagu “ Sayang Keluarga”.

Membuat skrap keluarga.

Memadankan gambar ibu, ayah dll

Mencantumkan jigsaw puzzle keluarga.

Membuat gambar keluarga dengan doh.

Mencantumkan gambar keluarga yang telah digunting.

Bahasa Inggeris

Teacher show the family picture and name the member of family eg: father, mother, sister.

The children read aloud and identify the member of family.

Family Song:

With My Family
Sung to: "The Muffin Man"

Tell me what you like to do
Like to do, like to do.
Tell me what you like to do
With your family.
Edward likes to rake the leaves
Rake the leaves, rake the leaves.
Edward likes to rake the leaves
With his family.

I Love Mommy
Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

I love Mommy, I love Mommy.
Yes I do; yes I do.
And my mommy loves me,
Yes, my mommy loves me,
Loves me too; loves me too.

Change Mommy to Daddy, Brother, Sister, Etc.

We're a Happy Family

Sung To: "I'm a little tea pot"

I love Mommy, she loves me
We love Daddy, yes siree
He loves us and so you see
We're a Happy Family

Repeat using brother, sister, grandma etc.

Sung to: "Ten Little Indians"

Some have fathers,
Some have mothers,
Some have sisters,
Some have brothers.
In some houses,
There are others.
Every family's special

My Family
If you peek into my room at night
(stand on toes as if peeking)
My family you will see
(nod head)
They kiss my face and tuck me in tight,
(blow kiss)
Why? Because they love me!
(hug yourself)

This is my Family
This is my mother, kind and dear.
(make a fist and point to your thumb)
This is the father sitting near.
(shown each finger in turn)
This is the brother strong and tall.
This is the sister, who plays with her ball.
This is the baby. littlest of all.
See my whole family large and small
(wiggle all the fingers)

Happy, Happy Home
Sung to: "The Old Grey Mare"

With ______ in the family
Happy, happy home
Happy, happy home
Happy, happy home
With ______ in the family
Happy, happy home
Happy, Happy home!

The ____ is a name -- or you can use Daddy, Mommy, Sister, Brother, Baby, etc...

Good Strong Mother
Good strong mother, how do you do? (Hold up thumb.)
Dear strong daddy, glad to see you; (Hold up next finger.)
Big, tall brother, pleased to see you are here; (Hold up next finger.)
Kind little sister, you need not fear; (Hold up next finger.)
Glad welcome we'll give you, and baby dear too,
Yes, baby dear, how do you do? (Hold up last finger.)

In this house
In this house there is a room (outline a house)
And in this room there is a bed (put hands beside head)
And in this bed lies a little teddy bear with a real bad cold
is (her/his) head. Achoo! (pretend to sneeze)
With a real bad cold in his head. Achoo! (pretend to sneeze)

The Family's In the house

Sung to: "Farmer In The Dell" (Play like farmer in the dell)

The fathers in the house
The fathers in the house fa la la la la la la
The fathers in the house

The father takes the mother
the father takes the mother fa la la la la la la

The mother takes the brother
The mother takes the brother fa la la la la la la

The brother takes the sister
The brother takes the sister fa la la la la la la

The sister takes the baby
The sister takes the baby fa la la la la la la

the baby takes grandma
the baby takes grandma fa la la la la la la

Grandma takes grandpa
Grandma takes grandpa fa la la la la la la

Daddy Is Special
Sung to: "Where is Thumbkin?"

Daddy is special, daddy is special,
Yes he is, yes he is,
Daddy is special, daddy is special,
Yes he is, yes he is.
Replace Daddy with other family members.

My Special Friend

Sung to: "Yankee Doodle"

Daddy is my special friend,
The two of us are buddies.
I always like the things we do,
I'm thankful for my daddy.

Thank You, Dad

Sung to: "Jingle Bells"

Thank you, Dad
Thank you, Dad
Thanks for loving me.
Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses,
Comes to you from me.

Thank you, Dad
Thank you, Dad
You are such a friend.
On this day I'd like to say,
On you I can depend.

Daddy Daddy

Sung to: "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star"

Daddy, daddy let me say
I love you in every way
I love you for all you do
I love you for being you
Daddy, Daddy let me say
Have a happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to you

Happy Fathers Day to you
Day to you, day to you
Happy Fathers Day to you
I Love You!!

Hugs and Kisses just for you
Just for you, just for you
Hugs and Kisses just for you
I Love You!!

Father's Day

Sung to: "This Old Man"

Father's Day, Father's Day
Is a very special day.
Here's a great big hug
And lots of kisses too.
Each one says that I love you!

Happy Happy Father's Day

Here's a little song to say
"Happy, happy Father's day!"
No one's Father is so sweet.
Your kind ways just can't be beat.
Happy happy Father's day;
I love you in a big way!

Sung to: "Jingle bells"

D-A-D, D-A-D,
Dad is my best friend.
We play games, we go the park,
The fun just never ends!
D-A-D, D-A-D,
I love to hold your hand.
It feels so good, it feels so safe,
You're the best dad in this land!

Thank You Dad
Sung to: "Row, Row, Row you boat"

Thanks, thanks, thank you, Dad,
Thanks for loving me!
Hugs and kisses, Hugs and kisses,
Come to you from me!

Hugs for Daddy
Sung to: "Ten Little Indians"

One little, two little, three little hugs.
Four little, five little, six little hugs,
Seven little, eight little, nine little hugs,
Ten little hugs for Daddy.

One big, two big, three big hugs,
Four big, five big, six big hugs,
Seven big, eight big, nine big hugs,
Ten big hugs for Daddy

My Daddy Helps Me
Sung to: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

My Daddy helps me when I'm sick.
My Daddy helps me when I'm blue.
My Daddy helps me when I'm sad.
Thanks, Dad, for all that you do!
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.

My Special Friend
Sung to: "Bingo"
I have a very special friend
And Daddy is his name-o.
D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y,
And Daddy is his name-o

I Love Father
Sung to: "Frere Jacques"
I love Father, I love Father.
Yes I do, yes, I do.
All I want to say is
Happy Father's Day!
I love you, I love you!

Fathers Day
Sung to: "This Old Man"

This is Dad;
He works hard.
Making money every day,
He's a neat, peat, rickety reat,
Helpful, caring man.
He plays with me when he can.

Oh My Daddy
Sung to: "Oh, My Darling Clementine"

Oh, my daddy; oh, my daddy,
Oh, my very special dad,
I want to thank you very much
For being my special dad.

Sung to: "Pop Goes the weasel"

Daddy, here’s a hug for you,
And lots of kisses too. (Hug self, then blow kisses.)
Each hug and kiss you get today
Says that I love you! (Continue bugging and blowing kisses.)

Mother's Day Song

Sung to: "You are my sunshine"

I love you mommy
My dearest mommy
You make me happy
When I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you!
When I'm with you I am so glad!

I Love Mommy

Sung to: "Are You Sleeping?"

I love Mommy, I love Mommy.
Yes I do; yes I do.
And my mommy loves me,
Yes, my mommy loves me,
Loves me too; loves me too.

I Love Mother

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

I love mother, I love mother.
Yes I do, yes, I do.
All I want to say is
Happy Mother's Day!
I love you, I love you!

Mothers Day

Sung to: "This Old Man"

This is Mom;
She works, too.
Doing many family chores,
She's a kind, pind, rindeky, rind,
Loving kind of pal,
Finding time for me, this gal.

My Mommy Helps Me

Sung to: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

My mommy helps me when I'm sick.
My mommy helps me when I'm blue.
My mommy helps me when I'm sad.
Thanks, Mom, for all that you do!
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.
You help, you help,
You help me feel so much better.

My Special Friend

Sung to: "Bingo"

I have a very special friend
And Mommy is her name-o.
M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y,
And Mommy is her name-o

I love you Mom

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

I love you mom, I love you mom.
Yes I do, yes, I do.
You are very special
You are very special
I love you, yes I do!

Sometimes Mom Says

Sung to: "Twinkle, Twinkle"

Sometimes Mom says "don't do this"
Sometimes Mom says "don't do that"
Still she loves me that I know.
Why? Because she tells me so.
Sometimes Mom says let's do this.
Sometimes Mom says "kiss, kiss, kiss!"

A Mom's a Special Lady
Sung to: "Eensy, Weensy, Spider"

A Mom's a special lady,
So hug her every day.
She gives you lots of food to eat,
And takes you out to play.
Your mother reads you stories,
And buys you sneakers, too.
Aren't you happy that you have
A mom who loves you so?

Thank You, Mom

Sung to: "London Bridge"

Thank you, Mom, for all your hugs,
All your hugs, all your hugs.
Thank you Mom, for all your hugs,
They feel good to me.
Thank you Mom for all your kisses
All your kisses, all your kisses.
Thank you Mom for all your kisses,
They feel good to me.
Thank you Mom for all your love
All your love, all your love.
Thank you Mom for all your love,
It feels good to me.

I Love Mother...
Sung to: "Frere Jacques"

I love mother, I love mother,
Yes I do, yes I do
All I want to say is
Happy Mother's Day
I Love you, I love you.

Five Pretty Mommies
Sung to: "Five Little Ducks"

Five pretty mommies I once knew,
Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, too,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me...
I love her and she loves me!
Down to the grocery we did go,
Wibble - wobble, wibble - wobble, to and fro,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me,
I love her and she loves me!

Mom Says
Sung to: "Twinkle, twinkle little star"

Sometimes, Mom says, "Don't do this,"
Sometimes, Mom says, "Don't do that,"
She still loves me, that I know.
Why? Because she tells me so.
Sometimes, Mom says, "Let's do this!"
Sometimes, Mom says, "Kiss, kiss, kiss!"

Mommy takes good care of me
Sung to: "Mary had a little lamb"

Mommy takes good care of me,
Care of me, care of me,
Mommy takes good care of me,
Because she loves me so.

It's your special day
Sung to: "the muffin man"

Mommy, it's your special day,
And it's time for me to say
I'm glad for all the things you do.
Thank you, Mommy, I love you!

Mother my Darling
Sung to: "Rock-a-bye Baby"

Mother my darling, Mother my dear.
I love you, I love you
Each day of the year.
You are so sweet,
And you are so kind.
And I am so glad that you are mine!

Pendidikan Islam

Guru bersoaljawab dengan murid tentang adab sewaktu makan. (orang tua didahulukan).

Guru memperdengarkan bacaan doa makan.

Murid mengikut bacaan guru.

Guru menunjukkan gambar Hari Raya.

Guru dan murid bersoaljawab tentang gambar.

Pendidikan Moral

Main peranan- melakunkan cara menghormati ibu bapa.

Guru bercerita tentang sifat bekerjasama dengan keluarga.

Murid meletakkan gambar keluarga yang disayangi.

Membentuk kad ucapan selamat Hari jadi untuk ahli keluarga.

Guru dan murid bersoaljawab tentang mengapa kita mesti menghormati ibu/bapa.

Murid melakunkan cara menghormati ibu bapa – minta izin

Perkembangan Sosio Emosi

Guru menunjukkan mimik muka gembira, sedih dan takut.

Guru melukiskan mimik muka berdasarkan emosi tertentu.

Guru dan murid bersoaljawab tentang perlunya mematuhi nasihat dari Ibu bapa.

Menyatakan sebab-sebab dan akibat dari tindak balas yang tidak menurut nasihat Ibu bapa.

Perkembangan Estetika dan Daya Kreativiti

Memperdengarkan lagu.

Menyanyikan lagu dengan melahirkan perasaan melalui lagu. Cth : Kasih Pada Ibu.

Guru menunjukkan pergerakan. Murid melakukan pergerakan mengikut rentak muzik.


Mommy and Daddy Collage
Need: Magazine, paper, glue, scissors
Directions: In advance (or if the children are old enough the can do it themselves.), cut out magazine pictures of male adults doing things with children and pictures of female adults with children. Glue picture onto a piece of paper for a family collage.

Family Puppets
Need: Paper, craft stick, collage material
Directions: Give each child a cut out of a person (kind of like a gingerbread man pattern) from multi cultural colored paper. Then the kids can decorate and make any family members they wish to. Then attach them to craft sticks and there you go.

Family Mobile
Need: paper, strong paper, yarn or string, hanger

Directions: Have the child draw a picture of each member of the family. Include the pet if the child has one. Cut out each family member. Glue each picture on strong paper or cardboard. Hang the pictures using yarn or string on a hanger to make a mobile. Print the last name on a piece of paper and fasten it to the hanger. Hang your mobile in the classroom.

Family Tree
Need: paper, apple shaped sponge, markers
Directions: Give them each a tree shape drawn on a piece of paper and sponges cut into apple shapes have them sponge paint the apples onto the tree to represent each family member provider will write names on the apples.

Family Home

Need: Milk carton, paper, crayons and markers, tongue depressors

Directions: Use a milk carton cut in half and cover with construction paper. Have
children add windows, doors, trees, etc., cut from construction paper (or draw on details) to resemble the child's house. Have the children draw the members of their families and include pets on tongue depressors and place them into the house.

Family Hand Prints

Need: Paper, collage materials

Directions: Have each child's family trace their hands on paper. Each family member can decorate their hand any way they wish. Each child can then make a hand print
collage of their family.

Families Collage

Need: Magazines, paper, glue

Directions: Have the children make a collage out of magazine pictures of families.

My Family Is Special

Need: Paper, glue

Directions: Trace the child's handprint twice. Cut out. Also cut out a long rectangle
(this will be the arms). Glue one handprint on either end of the long rectangle (arms). Write on the arm part: "My family is special because........" Have the children finish the sentence.

Potato Print Family

Need: Paper, paint, potato, knife (Adult only)

Directions: Use different sizes of potatoes to represent each family member paint them different colors & print onto construction paper.

Family Portrait

Need: Paper Plates, Yarn, Crayons, markers, or paint
Directions: Let the children create a picture of their family on the inside of the plate.
Then put holes in the sides of the plate and thread the yarn through it. Now you can hang the family portraits on the wall.

Father's Shirt

Need: Construction paper, and wallpaper

Directions: Take a piece of construction paper and hold it like a hot dog bun. Fold the top down to the bottom. Then take the paper and turn it so that the fold is on the right side. Then go down about an inch from the top and on both sides of the paper cut about 2" in (on each side) but NOT all the way in to the middle. These two cuts with make the collar if you fold the two pcs. down to the middle. Add a wallpaper tie and it is precious. She cut the folded side so that it would open up and she put a poem on the inside.
Optional: You could add a pocket and fill it with "coupons" for DAD.

Baseball Card

Need: Poster board, red lanyard, magnet, and a picture of the child

Directions: Cut out baseballs from poster board and then draw
red laces on them. Put the date of Father's Day on
the top. Then have the children take a red lanyard
and lace the ball. Laminated the baseball, put a
magnet on the back and the child's picture on the front.

A Bookmark

Need: Heavy paper, child's photo, markers and crayons, and contact paper

Directions: A small bookmark-shaped strip of posterboard with the child's photo glued on one end and the words "I'll save your place, Dad" written on it. Then the children decorate it. I don't have a laminating machine, so I just cover it (both sides) with clear contact paper.

A "Hug"

Need: A close-up head-and-shoulders shot of the child, cut out and glued to a manila file folder (or posterboard), leaving a 2.5" base below the photo; tracings of both of the child's hands cut out of the same file folder material; a strip of construction
paper approximately 18" x 2.5" with the words "I love you this much!" written on it.

Directions: Glue a hand on each end and the photo in the center (extra material on the backside). Fold the ends in so that it looks like a child with his arms folded in front of him. When you open it out, the outstretched arms will let it stand on a desk or shelf. I hope I explained it well enough. It really is adorable. I've used it for both mom and dad.


Need: White or off white ties, fabric paint

Directions: Go to any store that sells ties. I would recommend a thrift store such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army or any store like those. Buy white or off white ties. Have the children dip their hands in Fabric paint and press onto the ties. Let dry.


Need: construction paper, paint (optional)

Directions: Footprint picture made by tracing the foot or by letting the children step in paint and making prints. Print the following poem:

"Walk a little slower, Daddy",
Said a little child so small.
"I'm following in your footsteps,
And I don't want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,
Sometimes they're hard to see;
So walk a little slower, Daddy,
For you are leading me.

Someday when I'm all grown up,
You're what I want to be;
Then I will have a little child
Who'll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,
And know that I was true;
So, walk a little slower, Daddy,
For I must follow you."


Need: Magazines

Directions: Father collage from pictures of men and children cut from magazines - have them dictate a story describing their choices and what they mean.

Desk Blotter

Need: Construction paper, contact paper

Directions: A desk blotter or mouse pad from pictures on construction paper that has been contact papered.

A pencil holder

Need: Construction paper, contact paper

Directions: Decorate a strip of construction paper in any fashion then contact paper it around a can brought from home.

Wind Chimes for Dad

Need: Old Screws, nuts, bolts, wood, and fishing line

Directions: We make mobile (wind chimes) out of old screws , nuts , and bolts. I got old scraps of wood and used fishing line to connect the nuts and bolts to the old piece of wood.

Nail Aprons

Need: Nail Aprons, fabric paint, permanent markers

Directions: I went out today & asked for some nail aprons for the children to decorate 4 Father's Day. The big companies like Builders Square would not give me some. So I went to the small independent company & it worked! I now have 30 nail aprons for my kids to decorate & give to dad. I bought a bunch of permanent sharpie markers & some fabric paint. I'll let my kids put on a few handprints & use all those different colored markers.


Need: 9 inch paper plate, crayons, markers, paint, glitter, buttons, sequins, or
anything else you would like to add.

Directions: Use a 9 inch paper plate. Draw a circle in the middle of the plate-the circle should include the "flat part" of the plate that is in the middle, but not the "ribbed part" of the outside of the plate. Make one cut through the plate in the ribbed area to get to the circle and then cut the circle out. You should now have a circle and a ring (the
ring is the ribbed part). Draw the shape of a tie (the large diamond look) in the middle of the circle and cut out. Make sure the tie starts at one side of the circle and ends at the other side so your tie will be as long as possible. This cut out shape should look like the part of a tie you see laying on the front of a man's shirt when he is wearing the tie. Staple the tie shape to the ring shape. Place the staple on the opposite side of the cut you made through the ring shape. You should be able to slip the ring around your neck like a necklace and the tie shape should be resting on your chest just like a real tie. The ring around your neck is what holds the tie on. You may decorate your tie with crayons, markers, paint, glitter, buttons, sequins, or anything else you would like to add. You can also stamp or sponge paint your tie.

Father's Day Yummy Cup
Need: Plastic cup, markers, candy, small note pad, and tissue paper

Directions: Take a regular plastic cup (tumbler), bright colors are cute! Let the kids decorate outside w/ marker. Help them write the occasion : Happy Fathers Day! Love you ! etc... We used med. blue cups w/ light blue tissue paper stuffed inside cup. Then let the kids fill w/ goodies for their Dad! We used a baggie of gummie bears,
some gum, a small note-pad ( on the first page we made a coupon for Dad to take the whole day OFF!).

Father's Day pop-up Card
Need: Pencil, Scissors, Glue, A ruler, 2 sheets of colored paper (approximately 8.5" x 11"), Crayons, Markers, Glitter
Directions: Hold one piece of paper with the short side at the bottom. Fold in half, bringing the top down. Firmly crease the fold with your fingernail. Using your ruler and pencil, make a dot at the center of the creased fold. Measure one inch to the right of this center dot, and using the ruler draw a straight 2" line (at right angle to crease). Repeat the measure and cut on the left side. At this point you should have two 2" slits at the top of your card. Open the card, positioning the center, cut out, section forward. It should form a cube when opened. Crease the front and bottom section of the cube, and close the card, folding the cube flat (facing toward you so that it pops up when you open the card). Take the second piece of paper and glue it to the other side of the card. Your Father's Day card will be rectangular (approximately 5.5" X 8.5") and will open from the bottom. For the pop-up you can draw and then cut out a heart or other design of your choice (make it taller than the box - around 3" high and about 2" wide). Get creative. You might want to cut out a picture to place on the pop-up cube or glue on a family portrait. Put glue on the cube
section only and fold the card closed, being certain the pop-up lies flat. Your design will pop up, covering much of the cube when the card is opened. Now the fun really begins. You might want to write Happy Father's Day on the front of your card, with a message to Dad inside. Color and decorate the card, inside and out using crayons, markers, and glitter. Use your imagination!

Father's day Ties
Need: Construction paper, paint contact paper, and elastic

Directions: Cut out ties about 8 - 10 inches long out of construction paper. Have the children decorate them with paints. On the back put their names and date and laminate it. Put a piece of elastic through two holes punched into the top on each side.

Pat on the back for Dad
Need: Men's T-shirts, Fabric Paint.
Directions: Have the children make hand-prints on the back of the T-shirts, then write, "This Dad Needs A Pat On The Back."

Souper Dad
Need: Can of soup, construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and a bow

Directions: Each child brings a can of their dad's favorite soup. Take a piece of construction paper the size of the can label. Let the children decorate the label using markers, crayons, stickers, etc. Make a tag that says, "Souper Soup For A Souper Dad." Put a stick bow on top of the can.

Dads Bookmark
Need: Paper, water color paint, Q-tips, contact paper, and ribbon

Directions: Cut a bookmark whatever size you would like. Have the children watercolor one side with Q-tips and on the other side put date and message to dad. When dry, laminate it and tie a ribbon through a hole punched out on top.

Father's Day Cards
Need: Assorted colors of paint, Construction paper, Copier paper, Stickers, crayons, markers, etc.
Directions: Talk to the children about things they can do around the house to help their dads. Then help them make a "helping hands" Father's Day card. Give each child 4 pieces of white copier paper and have them make hand-prints on each sheet. When they are dry, make a cover out of construction paper and staple the children's
papers inside. Let the children decorate their covers. The dads can then tear out the pages of the card and present them to the children when they need a "helping hand."

Snack for Dad
Need: Construction paper, Small coffee cans, Clear contact paper, Stickers, paints, markers, crayons, etc., 2 boxes of fish shaped crackers, 1 large bag of pretzels, 1 large bag of raisins, 2 boxes cheerios, Popcorn
Directions: First, make decorated snack food containers for Father's Day. Cut the construction paper to fit the coffee cans. Let the children decorate the construction paper with stickers, paint, markers, crayons, etc. Glue the children's decorated papers onto the coffee cans and then cover with clear contact paper. Next, make a Father's Day snack to put into the cans. Let the children help mix the fish crackers, pretzels, raisins, cheerios, and popcorn together. Fill the cans with this snack.

Puzzle Pictures Need: 8 x 10 pieces of posterboard, Various old puzzles with missing pieces, 5 x 7 pieces of construction paper, Paint, Glue,
Directions: Using the paint, have the children make a hand print on the 5 x 7 piece of paper. Glue the hand- prints onto the posterboard. Let the children glue the puzzle
pieces on the poster board, around the hand print to create a frame.

Pops pencil Holder
Need: Popsicle sticks, Glue, Paint (two or more different colors), Tomato sauce can (remove one end of the can and the paper).
Directions: Paint Popsicle sticks whatever colors you have chosen. When these have dried, glue them to the tomato sauce can. These make neat pencil holders for dad.

Hand Print Art
Need: Water color paper, Acrylic paint, frame. glass, mat board, gold paint marker

Directions: The children wanted to give Dad a lasting impression of their hands so we went & bought good watercolor paper. Then each child picked out acrylic paint in the color of their choice. Then we purchased a frame, glass & mat. I painted each child hand with the paint using a foam brush then positioned their hand over the
paper & pressed..........then I took a gold paint marker & made a bow on the index finger. Then in the upper corner in calligraphy I wrote......."Dad we have you
wrapped around our fingers" He truly loved the print & it now hangs in our foyer for a permanent reminder of their little hands.

Someone Like A Father
Directions: Because some children do not live with (some do not even know) one parent or the other (or either), remind children that they can make gifts for "Someone Who Is Like a Father To Me" or "My Special Person" ....

Key Chains
Need: Meat Tray, permanent markers, sharp instrument (Adult Only), key ring, use of an oven

Directions: Cut off curved sides from meat trays. Have children decorate using permanent markers (I know it's hard for the young ones to keep permanent markers off everything, so you may need to keep an eye on them.) With a black permanent marker write your message. I had the children write it with a pencil first and then trace with marker. We used the message Happy Fathers Day. With a sharp instrument make a hole in the meat tray close to the edge but not too close. Write the kids name and the date and any other special message also with permanent marker. Now the really neat stuff. Place the meat trays on a cookie sheet lined with foil and place in a low oven for 2-5 minutes.( Keep an eye on them as they tend to roll up and stick together) The meat trays heat up, shrink and get hard. I added a key ring in the hole and made key chains for Father's Day. The mother's in my class were very upset and jealous that the fathers were getting this.

Stress Ball
Need: Latex examination glove or a balloon (a Balloon looks better.), sand, permanent markers

Directions: Fill a latex examination glove or a balloon with clean sand. I used it out of our school sandbox so I sifted it first. I will let the children do all of this. Fill the glove until it is very full. Then tie it in a knot. I will let the children decorate it with permanent markers all colors. On the palm area write: To the best Dad, Hands Down! On the fingers add smile faces. : ) add hair etc...Write: I Love You down the fingers. Write: Happy Father's Day on the back palm area. Add fingernails color them red. Add rings ....get creative. Now this blob hand is a great item to set on a desk. It's very unique. It can be posed. Add your rings to the fingers. It can hold small cards. Great stress reliever. You can lay it flat & press down on the palm area to make an indentation. It can hold small coins. I don't think many dad's have these. When I was experimenting with the gloves all my co-workers wanted one. Keep in mind that you want the glove to be full so that the fingers stand upright. You also need to squeeze out any air that is inside the glove so you don't have a bubble. It is very easy to do.

Wrapping Paper
Need: newsprint, shape sponges, and paint

Directions: Let the children wrap their gifts in wrapping paper they have made from newsprint stamped with fish shaped sponge painting (or car/truck sponge shapes).

Paper Weight
Need: rocks, paint, felt and wiggly eyes

Directions: What about a rock paper weight, have your kids paint it any colors they want add those eye's that move, a felt nose, mouth, ears, tail etc. Put felt on the bottom of the rock and wa la you have a paperweight.

Chef Hat
Need: Chef's hats, and dad's favorite things

Directions: We decorated them with their dads favorite things I.E. golf tees, fishing flies, rubber worms etc. They were too funny.

Button Pin

Need: Cardboard box, buttons, pin back, glue gun (Adult Only), wallpaper

Directions: Cut small hearts from a cardboard box. Glue buttons on the heart in whatever fashion the children want You glued a pin back on the back of it with the glue gun and then made a small sack out of wallpaper for wrapping the pin and added this little note on a card

This little heart
I give to you
Filled with buttons
Of every hue
On this happy
Mother's Day
I love you
In every way.

Window Knick-knack

Need: Cereal box for each child, clay, dried flowers, scissors (adult can do the cutting part ahead of time, if nec.)

Directions: Cereal box can be the small individual size, or a larger one depending on what size you want your gift to be. Sit box upright and cut off part of the front leaving enough at the bottom for a flower box (planter, so to speak). Cut little blocks from the back resembling panes in a window. Put a clump of clay on the bottom of
the box toward the front. Stick dried flowers into the clay so that they come forward and stick out of the "window".

Mothers Day Snack Bag

Need: Paper bag, hole punch, yarn, two napkins, microwave popcorn, two juice boxes

Directions: The children cut out of a pocketbook shape out of a brown paper bag. Punch holes around the edges and have the children thread together. They can then decorate the bag any which way they like. The children then place two napkins,
microwave popcorn, two juice boxes, and place them in the bag. The children can go home and have a nice quiet snack with mom.


Need: Long paper (from a roll), String, bingo markers, Red paper

Directions: Let the child hug you. Then measure the hug with a piece of string. Put the string on the long paper and cut. Trace the child's hands and attach on either end of the paper. Let them decorate with bingo markers or whatever. Add a small heart in the middle with the poem:
Here's a happy hug a bunch
Wrap it around and feel the crunch
May smiles and Kisses come your way
With Lots of Love on Mothers Day


Need: Button, tissue, magazines, candy

Directions: You can use this along with a gift you've made as part of a
card or make a book.
You sew the buttons on my clothes (glue button on this page)
You gave me a hankie for my nose (Kleenex on this one)
You make good things for me to eat (picture from magazine)
You buy me candy for a treat (glue piece of candy on)
You wash my clothes and mend my socks (picture from mag of clothes and a sock)
Dear Mother, I love you lots and lots!!
(big heart - can put child's picture in it)


Need: Doily, paper

Directions: Cut a doily into a heart (or buy it like that) and make it into a flower (add cut stem and leaves) put child's handprint on top of doily. Glue all onto bright colored paper.

A Piece of me I give to you
I made this flower
Because I Love You
The heart is for you
The hand is me
To show we are friends
The best there can be
I hope you will save it
And look back someday
At the flower we shared on your SPECIAL DAY!

Pasta Necklace for Mom

Need: Pasta shapes, Wheels, Straight Pasta with holes, Hearts, Bow Ties (tie on with pretty ribbon), Other shapes w/ holes to string, Dye pasta w/ food color & alcohol.

Directions: I use a sm. amt. of alcohol (1/2 cup or less). Use about 1/2 bottle of food
color in the rubbing alcohol. Add the pasta & drain. I do a small amt. of pasta @ a time & use a slotted spoon to drain the pasta. I keep using the colored alcohol. The pasta dries quickly. I use all kinds of bright colors. When dry let the children string the pasta on pretty ribbon. Tie on the bow tie shapes. This really is cute & fun for the kids. My mom's were proud to wear these beautiful creations that their child made.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Need: Colored tissues, yarn

Directions: The Friday before Mother's day is provide them with a tissue corsage to take to work with them. Buy the colored facial tissue that is 2 ply. Fold the tissues in a fan, tie yarn around the middle and fluff them up. Round the edges to make them prettier!!!

Mom's Apple Pie

Need: Potpourri, Small Pie Tin, Pom poms, Gold Glitter, Tan Felt, Glue, Scissors, Pencil, Wax paper.

Directions: Place your pie tin upside down on the tan felt. Trace the shape with your pencil and cut out the "pie crust". Open your packet of potpourri. Don’t eat it! It smells better than it tastes! Pour it into the pie tin. Fill up your pie tin with pom pom "apples"
Put a bead of craft glue around the edge of the pie tin and cover the pie with the felt crust. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the crust and place a book on top until the glue dries. Don't use a really heavy book, or you may end up with "applesauce".
When your pie is dry, decorate the top by drawing lines with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Your pie is done! Doesn't it smell yummy? Put it anywhere you'd enjoy the delicious aroma of fresh apple pie!

Mother's Day Sachets

Need: 8x8-in. square of nylon netting, a large cotton ball, dusting powder, ribbon and small artificial flowers.

Directions: Shake the cotton ball in a bag filled with the dusting powder. Center it in the nylon net. Gather the net around the ball and tie with a ribbon. Add a small artificial flower in the ribbon. An easy and cute sachet for Mom's drawer. The kids like it because it smells so good!

Another Mother's Day Sachet W/Poem

Need: Sheer Netting, potpourri, ribbon

Directions: I cut out 8"x11" pieces of sheer netting. The children put in a handful of potpourri. We tied up the corners to make a pouch. Secure with a rubber band then tie a length of pretty satin ribbon around the sachet. Then we attached this poem:
This pretty bag of potpourri
Was made for you by little me.
In it there are leaves and flowers
That will smell sweet for many hours.
I helped cut the ribbon and lace
And tied it in a special place.
So keep it somewhere it can stay
To remind you of this Mother's Day!
I had the children write their names on the little card
(the ones that couldn't I helped a little.)

Decorative Bathroom Soaps

Need: Ivory Snow Powder, water, cookie cutters or molds, food coloring

Directions: Combine Ivory Snow powder (the laundry detergent) and water to make a dough. Be sure to add the water as you mix until you have a playdough like dough.
Give each child a small helping of soap dough and allow them to make what they wish. You can also use cookie cutters or molds. We made soaps in different
shapes for Mother's Day. You can add food coloring to the water before mixing to create wonderfully colored soaps. Just be sure to explain that this is soap and that the kids should be careful not to touch their eyes!!


Need: Kitchen supplies and plain, clear soap are all you need to make luminous bars of soap. They can be any color you like. Colors can also be layered in one bar.. natural additions make unusual, beautiful soaps. Try poppy seeds a spiral of citrus peel oatmeal, fragrant dried herbs, or a fern sprig. For molds use the bottom of a milk carton to make square soaps, or try a smooth sided tomato paste can for cylindrical shapes. Plastic chocolate molds also work..
1. Chop bars of unscented glycerin soap (Pure Pleasure works well) to yield 2 cups of one half inch chunks. Melt soap in a double boiler or microwave on high for one
minute until melted completely. Skim froth from top. Mix in tiny amounts of liquid food coloring. Blend colors as desired. For scented soap add essential oils- natural scented oils the essence of the plant from which they are derived. Can be found in specialty bath and beauty shops.
2. Brush chosen mold with more essential oil or with vegetable oil. Pour melted soap into mold and let stand until hardened, about 2 hours. To make layers, pour one colored soap into a mold and let it harden for about 20 minutes. Skim off any bubbles and pour another layer into the mold and let stand until hardened. The natural additions can be mixed into the melted soap or placed on top of one layer before adding another.
3. Remove the soap from the mold by ripping away the milk carton, opening the can at the bottom and pushing out the soap or inverting the plastic mold and tapping the bottom. Hardened soaps can be cut into smaller bars.

Animal Cracker Pins

Need: Glue gun (Adult Only), safety pin, paint, and polyurethane

Directions: Using a glue gun, attach safety pin back to each cracker. Pins can be purchased in quantities of 10 or 15 at your nearest craft store. After attaching the pin back, have children paint crackers using tempera or poster paint and polyurethane for a shiny coat. Simple and adorable.


Need: Egg carton, paint, pipe cleaner, paper, ribbon, green tissue paper

Directions: Another pretty bouquet to give for Mother's Day is one made of egg carton roses. Cut up cardboard egg cartons and trim around each cup to form the "rose". I usually have each child make six. They then paint the cups red inside and out. When dry poke a small hole in the bottom through which a green pipe cleaner is inserted. Curl the top of the pipe cleaner to keep the rose from falling off. The children can cut a construction paper leaf for each stem and glue to pipe cleaner. You now have a beautiful bouquet of long stemmed roses! They can be tied with a ribbon and wrapped in green tissue paper like they are when you buy real roses at a florist, or put into a child-made vase!

Scrubber Flower

Need: Net type scrubber, brad, paper

Directions: You use kitchen scrubbers (I bought mine at the supermarket at their dollar days and got them 4 for $1.50) Use a brad to attach the scrubber to paper and
make it the flower. The kids add the stem and leaves and other things. Add the following poem that I changed up a bit.
To make your Mother's day fantastic
I made you this flower of plastic.
I give it to you with this special wish...
May it help you scrub each pot and dish.
I want to thank you for all you do.
Happy Mother's Day, I love you!
(remove brad and enjoy your kitchen scrubber)

Mother's day Gift

Need: Frozen OJ Lids, child pictures, magnet, lace and other decorations

Directions: Save frozen OJ lids. Take a picture of your child and cut it the size of the OJ lid. Paste on the OJ lid and decorate around to make it pretty lid. Put a magnet
on the back and give it as a gift to mom or dad or sister or brother.

Mother's Day Recipe Holder

Need: Small plastic plant pots, silk flowers, plastic forks, plaster of paris, stickers

Directions: Have the children decorate the pots using various stickers. Mix up a batch of plaster and fill each pot 3/4 full. Let stand for a minute or two or until the silk flowers will stand up in the plaster, insert a fork, handle first. Let harden, place a favorite recipe card in the fork. It makes a great recipe holder for your counter !

Mothers day vase and flowers

Need: Nestea Bottle, tissue paper, glue, pipe cleaner
Directions: Take a Nestea bottle and remove the label have the children take small scraps of tissue paper and apply to the outside of the bottle with watered down glue and a paint brush. Next, take tissue paper two colors layered and squeeze in the middle so it looks like a butterfly and wrap a pipe cleaner there to hold insert the pipe cleaner in the vase. You will need about 4 flowers to have a full arrangement. Even the 2 year old's find paining the jar easy.

I Love You Flower

Need: Paper, chenille stem or straw, plaster or glue, paper cup

Directions: Trace their hand and then glue the fingers down to make the sign for Love (ring and middle fingers down.). Add a chenille stem or a straw as the flower stem. Put some plaster or glue in the bottom of a paper cup and put the stem down into the cup - makes a really cute present.

I Love you this much
Need: paper, yarn, envelope

Directions: Trace child's hands and attach with a long piece of yarn (measure child's
arms)....put into an envelope with a note that says, "MOM, ( or Grandma etc) I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH...

Book of Kisses
Need: paper, markers, lipstick

Directions: The children can make a "Book Of Kisses" to give to their mothers on Mother's Day. Make booklets by cutting paper into 4 inch squares and stapling ten sheets together in one booklet for each child. Write "Book of Kisses" on the top
page and invite the children to decorate the page that is the cover of the booklet. In small groups, color the children's lips with lipstick and have them kiss each page of the book. Send it home with a note explaining that the mothers can redeem each page for a real kiss.

Mother's Day Card
Need: Construction paper, tempera paint, pie pan, scissors, and a pencil.
Directions: Fold the construction paper in half to form a card. Pour enough tempera paint in the pie pan to cover the bottom. Have the child lay the palm of the hand in the paint. Take the hand out of the paint and press the hand on the front of the card, with the small finger along the folded edge. Let dry. Leaving the card folded, cut out the handprint so the card is now in the shape of the handprint. Open the card and write the message.

Paper Plate Grandmas and Grandpas
Need: Markers, glue, fabric strips, yarn, other collage materials, paper, plates, cotton
Directions: Give children markers, glue, fabric strips, yarn, and any other assortment
of odds and ends to make this craft. Use markers to draw face in center of plate. Add scraps to make hair, glasses, bowties etc. Cotton balls make great grandpa hair. And be sure you have a variety of colors of yarn available to use for hair. Not all grandparents are gray any more!:) Write "my grandma" (or grandpa) around the edge of the plate, add a yarn hanger, or a magnet. The children and grandparents love these loving portraits! Choose different patterned scraps, already cut into various shapes. It is amazing how many details the children use and I have yet to see anyone add any wrinkles at all!

Grandparents' Gift Album

You can make a photo album for grandparents day. Include the following poem.

Grandma & Grandpa.
this book is for you,
though it might be quite puzzling
as the pictures are few.

But every few months
if you don't make a fuss,
we'll send (give) you more pages
with pictures of us!

... or

But every few months
if you don't fuss or groan,
I'll (we'll) send (give) you more pages
of how I (we) have grown!

Perkembangan Kognitif

Mengelas objek berdasarkan gambar. (kasut yang sama saiz)

Mengelaskan objek berdasarkan gambar. (ahli keluarga).

Melakarkan gambar ahli keluarga.

Murid menggambarkan ketinggian ahli keluarga.

Perkembangan Fizikal

Guru menunjukkan cara untuk menguntai manik.

Murid menguntai manik menjadi gelang untuk dihadiahkan pada Ibu.

Murid bermain doh.

Murid menyambung titik-titik gambar ayah dan ibu.

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