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     Pre-school children need to learn the shapes, names and sounds of  26 different letters—52 shapes, really, because the lower case letters only somewhat resemble the capital letters-- and then throw in 10 numerals.  This is a lot to learn when you’re 3 or 4 years old.  This is why we try to make the letters of the alphabet as vivid and “real” as possible.  On this page are games and activities to help young students learn the letters.
     Use what your kid (or kids) finds interesting and fun.   Kids like things they can do, color, decorate, and manipulate.  Make it an alphabet adventure!   

Letter Learning Activities - Click on an activity, pattern, or online application:

Clothesline Letters — spell names or words from letters arranged on a string.
Print out very large letters—up to 3 feet tall.  Besides being almost as tall as the child., these letters can be decorated with pictures of objects beginning with that letter. 
Alphabet cookies — traditional way to teach alphabet letters.  Decorate them with icing or sprinkles.  Chocolate chip cookies can have chocolate chips on top, outlining the letter to emphasize it.
Foam letters (to cut out and decorate and play with)
Felt Animals to represent every letter, to go on a flannel board, and to play with (can also be printed out on paper)
Finger-paint the letters — easier to draw with a finger than with a pencil or pen.  Finger-paint recipe included.
Letters on cards — Print and decorate your own letter cards.  Flash cards shouldn't be dull.
Letter Sounds — online games to learn the sounds represented by the letters.
Palm Letters — spelling letters in the hand (sort of like reading a palm) 
Learn Letters - online game to construct the shapes of the letters of the alphabet from circles and lines.  A slightly different way to look at the lower-case letters, and makes the letters while involving less fine hand-eye coordination.
Color Letters – print out and color the letters with an animal whose name begins with that letter.

How do you begin teaching the letters of the alphabet to a child?

Animal Alphabet Poster - beautiful watercolor ABCs     Start with that most important word—your child’s name. From the clothesline alphabet (the letters that fold over and stand up by themselves on a table, or that drape over a clothesline), or the Letter Cards print out the letters of your child’s first name (the short form, if there is one) and have the child color the letters and help put them in order. Name each letter as you arrange it. The next time you can do your child’s last name, and then middle name and then maybe the long form of the child’s first name. The child does not have to spell the name at this point; only to name the letters in his name. This makes learning the letters personal and important. Because it is something important to the child—his own name--the child “owns” his learning, and will be excited by it.
     “Michael William Johnson”
     Note that our example contains 12 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and four of the five vowels. Add his sister’s name “Betty Sue” (Betty Sue Johnson) and your child is familiar with 17 letters of the alphabet, and all of the vowels, including “Y”. Or add the name of a pet or a best friend, or even a favorite character. Most full names will include enough letters of the alphabet to be a good starting place in learning the names and shapes of the whole alphabet. Try to print the child’s name on drawings, or a lunchbox, or print out the letters and put them on the bedroom wall. You can even make a stamp with his name on it. After the child is familiar with the letters in his own name, and those in family names, teach him the rest of the alphabet.

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Bahan Percuma

Cara mendapatkan bahan-bahan percuma dari laman web Facebook yang telah saya wujudkan sejak 2 tahun lepas. Semoga lebih ramai rakan-rakan guru dan ibu bapa dapat manfaat darinya. Bagi anda yang masih belum mendaftar sebagai ahli grup ini sila ke pautan berikut.

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10 Interactive Games To Teach Your Kids Alphabets & Numbers

Source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-interactive-games-teach-kids-alphabets-numbers/

Teaching kids all about alphabets and numbers used to involve plastic blocks or glossy books. Of course, you had to throw in lots of patience too. The patience bit has remained unchanged across generations, but a few new teaching tools to help with alphabets and numbers have come into the picture.
In the Web 2.0 age, is it any wonder that they are online and browser based education tools? Now, a lot of households have computers.
So, it would be easier to head towards a website rather than a children’s bookstore.

Parents and guardians will appreciate the unique challenges that crop up when children start with their pre-schooling. I am getting some frontline action with my 3 year old niece. What probably helps today’s parents is the relative precociousness of the “˜digital age’ generation. They seem to be naturally drawn towards anything that’s interactive.
That’s the thought that bolstered me as I kept the books aside and headed to the Internet to find alphabet learning games for kids online. My search was for learning websites that could give some pre-schooling interactively. Children might have some fun while learning. With these ten websites, maybe we can have fun teaching them too.

Simple ABC’s

alphabet learning games for kids online
Start off with a very simple way to learn ABC’s, but in a colorful manner. Learn Your ABC’sfrom Fisher-Price and its online games section is a Flash based tool. The game introduces the child to the letters, one at a time. The letters change in different colors and all the child has to do is to press any key on the keyboard.

Help The Monkey
alphabet learning games for kids online
Alphabet Antics is about a monkey who need some help with coconuts. The alphabet game has three levels. The game is about a monkey who says the letters out aloud and the child has to click on the right coconut to help the monkey clamber up the tree. With each wrong answer, the monkey comes down a notch or two. Also, choose between capitals and small letters to make the child recognize both.

Pick One From The Floor

alphabet learning games for kids online
Poisson Rouge has a bunch of games that appeal to kids between the ages of 3 to 7. On the colorful homepage, you get to see a lot of objects without any information on how to use them. That’s a deliberate design to encourage discovery by kids.
As the user guide explains, kids hardly read (and you can’t expect a 3 year old to read!). So you get games which teach you about letters and numbers starting from the real simple ones to others that teach more fundamental things like reading time or guessing colors. The site is completely ad free and supports French and English.

Haunted Alphabets

alphabet games online
The Funschool game takes the child into a haunted house where letters are hidden. With the ghostly music playing in the background, the learning task is about discovering the hidden letters. Find out if the scary stuff helps kids remember letters more effectively.

Whacking Pesky Moles To Friendly Bees & Frogs

alphabet games online
PlayKidsGames has a lineup of alphabet games which can thoroughly make your kid an alphabet whiz. The child can hammer the annoying moles in alphabetical order. He can help a little ugly frog lap up some letters for lunch. He can also help the bees build their hive of letters. And lots more. Most of these are Flash games.

From Matching Alphabets To Connecting Number Dots

alphabet games online
ABCya! is another site with a lineup of Kindergarten children’s computer games and activities. Alphabet matching games and connecting numbered dots should be great primers for a young child. You need not delete the bookmark, as the child can graduate to games likeMake a Pizza and other puzzles. The site also features a few storybook based learning games.

Catch The Train

games to learn alphabet
LearningPlanet has two nice games which could be good starters for number recognition. You can let your child catch the number train and then count a few chickens.

Learning At The BBC

games to learn alphabet
Picking the BBC for pre-school learning sounds strange, but the BBC happens to be a great education resource too. Bernie and Bill, the two characters, are there to help you out with a few number games for ages between the ages of 4-11. I went back to Snakes and Laddersafter a long time.

Get The Numbers At Sesame Street

games to learn alphabet
You can find Sesame Street on television. And it’s there with a host of learning activities on the web too. You can watch Mumford the Magician pull out numbers from his hat or any of the other four that are there in their Numbers/Counting category.

Finally, Chill Out At This Pretty Place

Orsinal is almost picture perfect. Although it’s not about letters or digits, it could be about developing motor skills as the games are quite rapid. The games should be simple fun for children. What’s really eye-catching are the graphics. Everyone deserves a break after some hard studying.
These ten sites with alphabet learning games for kids online could provide the right spark to take your kids from pre-schoolers to scholars. Okay, that’s a bit early to predict, but these sites are all about learning activities. Though, no one would advice that a child spends too much time in front of the computer; the PC has a becoming a great education tool for all ages. The only thing that we need to worry about is chocolate smudges on the screen.
Let us know about your favorite sites for some home schooling.
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