Isnin, Oktober 25, 2010

Penjagaan Kesihatan

Hari ini saya mengingatkan semula murid-murid tentang kepentingan menjaga kesihatan. Saya telah menayangkan video di bawah ini untuk mereka melihat sendiri betapa teruknya jika tidak menjaga kebersihan diri. Memang agak melucukan bila mereka kelihatan menutup mata dan menunjukkan reaksi geli geleman melihat apa yang ditayangkan. Mudah-mudahan dengan cara ini murid-murid saya akan lebih yakin dengan setiap amaran yang saya berikan tentang keburukan tidak menjaga kebersihan diri.

Bagi anda yang mempunyai anak-anak yang agak liat untuk membersihkan diri, tayangkan video ini. Saya yakin mereka akan berubah ke arah yang baik selepas ini. Maklumlah anak-anak sekarang ini sangat mempercayai fakta yang ditayangkan di media massa. Selamat mencuba.

Ahad, Oktober 24, 2010

National Geographic for Kids

Laman web ini menyediakan video, permainan, aktiviti dan cerita untuk kanak-kanak. Sangat menarik. Jom lawati laman ini untuk memberikan pengalaman bermakna buat anak-anak didik kita. Klik di sini :

CD Lembaran Kerja Bertema

Contoh lembaran kerja bertema anggota badan. Terdapat 20 cd dalam pakej ini. Antara tema yang ada adalah:
1. Anggota Badan.
2. Haiwan Liar 1 dan 2
3. Haiwan Jinak
4. Makanan
5. Kenderaan air
6. Haiwan air
7. Kenderaan darat 1 dan 2
8. Serangga
9. Buah
10. Creative
11. Costume
12. Famili 1 dan 2
13. Craft
14. Pakaian 1 dan 2
15. Rumah 1 dan 2

Hanya RM130 bagi 20 keping cd termasuk pos bagi Semenanjung Malaysia. Sila tambah RM10 bagi pesanan dari Sabah Sarawak. Selain Bahasa Melayu, turut dimuatkan latihan Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik, kad gambar, kad perkataan, slide show.

CD Bahasa Inggeris

Kandungan file dalam cd

Buku mini

Antara latihan yang disediakan

Hanya RM10 termasuk kos pos. Sila hubungi saya di talian 019 755 6032 untuk tempahan. Terima kasih

Sabtu, Oktober 23, 2010

Gunung Berapi

Description: volcano is made of plastic containers, nozzle of the toilet paper and some boxes. In some water I put baking soda, and color the vinegar with food color. Then add vinegar in soda.

Oatmeal Express


Getting Started

Always use your imagination and be creative when building these kids crafts or any others. It's your creation, so be inventive when looking for building supplies — you just may be surprised! When building your project, experiment with new and different ways of putting it together. The most important thing is to have fun!


Find these similar supplies!

• 1 Oatmeal tube
• 1 small box and some cardboard
• Regular masking tape
• Black and red tape (to customize it)
• 4 Flexible straws
• 1 small paper cup
• 3 small sticks

1. Get started!

Start out by trying different supplies to get the look you like. I ended up using An old oatmeal container for the steam engine part and a small box that fit perfect for the drivers compartment. Then I found a small paper cup for my smoke stack. This is a good time to make any changes or alterations. However it looks pretty cool just like this. So you could tape it together and VOILA` your done.


2. Make Your Wheels!

I played around with using 4 sets of wheels and ended up liking the way it looked with 3 wheels per side. It’s your train so see what you like. After deciding on the size I traced around a plastic lid on some old cardboard and cut all 6 wheels out.


3. Make your wheel base!

Cut a piece of cardboard that is the same length and width of your Train. This is for the wheel assemblies that you will attach to the bottom side and makes a great platform to assemble your Oatmeal Express parts on.


4. Make your axles!

Cut 3 Straws the same width as your wheel base and tape them evenly on to it. Next I cut 3 skewer pieces about a 1/2-inch longer than my straws. Slide one skewer stick into each straw. These are going to be your wheel axles.


5. Attach your wheels!

You will need to poke a small hole into the center of each wheel. Make sure it is no bigger than you axle sticks. Next carefully push your wheels onto the axle sticks. I ended up using a little glue on each wheel after I dressed up my Oatmeal Express to keep them from wobbling.


6. Put it together!

I like to dry fit every thing before it gets all dressed up and put together. This is a good time to make any changes or alterations. However, again it looks pretty cool just like this. So you could tape it together and again VOILA` you are done.


7. Dress it all up!

What I did was to cover all of my parts with tape before I assembled my Oatmeal Express. I added red duct tape on the engine assembly and drivers compartment black for the base and smoke stack, I also added a roof and some stripping. Looks pretty cool!


8. Add decals!

I usually just hand make my signs and decals with colored pens on tape but I got carried away with my Oatmeal express. I made them in the computer, printed it and carefully cut them out and attached them in place. I like the way they look so much I think I will be using this technique from now on.


8. Final touches!

I found an old tea box lid that happened to be red and attached it to the engine. Made cool steam pipes from some black flex straws. Added blue tape for my windows and finished it of with cotton balls for the steam coming out of the smoke stack look. As with most projects I build, there is never really a “finished” point. I could keep adding and adding smaller details to it, and so can you! At some point I stand back, look at it and say, “COOL! It’s done!”




Isnin, Oktober 18, 2010

Mengajar Kanak-kanak Tentang Penjagaan Kesihatan

Menurut pakar dari

Teaching correct and acceptable hygiene principles is vital to achieve life long habits in the prevention and spread of illnesses and infections, but also to maintain a suitable appearance and avoid offending others.

Methods of Education for Young Children
Encourage an enjoyable bath time by making it an integral part of every day family life. Singing songs and playing with bath toys will make this duty something to look forward to for the child and will make cleansing a ritual that will become part of life. Teach children about bacteria and fungi using picture books and express that by allowing objects and themselves to become dirty and not getting cleaned will cause bacteria to multiply and cause mould.

Allow children to play outside regularly, but explain why it is important to clean soiled clothes and bodies afterwards. Recent guidelines suggest that the most effective way of preventing and treating head lice is by using everyday conditioner and a fine toothed comb (nit comb) weekly to prevent lice or daily to treat them. This can be achieved more easily than the traditional application of pesticide treatments and children can actually help to apply the conditioner and comb it through themselves.

Allow youngsters to attempt to clean their own teeth even if they need cleaning afterwards, they will enjoy the responsibility. Give children encouragement to maintain their own hygiene; allow them to help with the laundry and the housework, this way they will learn the correct way of doing it and will carry this knowledge with them through life.

Antara cara yang boleh dijalankan di kelas adalah dengan menayangkan tayangan video dari youtube sebagaimana di bawah ini. Agak meloyakan juga untuk menunjukkan video klip ini namun sebenarnya ia banyak membantu kanak-kanak untuk memahami konsep yang betul.