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Ahad, Mac 22, 2009

Try This Trick


Saya menerima email ini 19 jam yang lalu dari Mary di USA. Katanya:

Hi Fauziah,

I have found a fun way to get the kids involved in cleaning up--not always an easy task!

At the end of the day, when the tables are pretty messy, get out some shaving cream. Spread it on the table top and let the kids "fingerpaint" the shaving cream all over the table top. They love this and it is a way to involve them in clean up time. The shaving cream cleans the table lifting off dried glue, snack crumbs, etc.

Thier hands and the tables get clean. When the table is clean, give them paper towels to wipe the table dry. Then have them rinse their hands and dry them.They have had a fun time and helped get the tables ready for the next day.I've used this for years and it never fails to make clean-up fun.

See you next time,

P O Box 132 , Stow, MA 01775, USA

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