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Isnin, Mac 09, 2009

Permainan Bertema Makanan - 3 -

Salam Maulidur Rasul.
Dalam penjelajahan saya pagi ini sempena cuti umum begini saya telah menemui laman web ini yang sangat menarik untuk dicuba oleh kanak-kanak prasekolah. Klik sahaja pada link yang ada di bawah ini. Terima kasih kepada Isma yang mengajukan soalan tentang permainan bertema makanan. Saya seronok sekali melayan soalan anda. Sekurang-kurangnya saya akan dapat mencari bahan yang bersesuaian untuk membantu saya mengajar di kelas dan membantu anda juga sudah pastinya. Insyaallah semoga usaha ini akan membuatkan kelas anda dan kelas saya juga semakin ceria.

Food Games - Foodlink Fun and GamesFoodlink Games

This site has an excellent set of bright and colourful games to teach food safety. Choose from matching the pairs, quiz time, a word search, and don't forget to visit Calamity Kitchen and see if you can spot the hazards. (

Food Games - Stack the Fridge GameStack the Fridge Game

To start the game, click the Food Standards Agency Wales button (only click Cymru if you want a Welsh language version). You have to drag the food the the correct shelf in the fridge, so that germs don't drip on other foods. (

Food Games - The Spud ZoneThe Spud Zone

Explore the Spud Zone kitchen to find out about food safety. There are some cool games to play too, like Bugnanza and Kitchen of Doom. (

Food Games - Check the Barbecue FoodCheck the Barbecue Food Game

In this game you can learn how to cook safely on a barbecue. Click on the Wales button if you want to play the game in English (use the Cymru button to play in the Welsh language. (

Food Games - FoodbustersFoodbusters

There are several difficulty levels to choose from in this food safety quiz. Click on a hexagon, then answer the question - try to move from one side of the board to another to complete the game.(

Food Games - Food Safety Mobile GameFood Safety Mobile Game

In this game, you have to answer the food safety questions as you drive through the park. The questions involving food temperatures are quite hard if you're used to using Celsius, as they are in Fahrenheit - but it's still a good game. (

Berikut pula adalah lain-lain permainan yang boleh kita gunakan di kelas.

Preschool Games - Little RobotsLittle Robots

Match the robot pictures on the dominoes. If you choose Level 2, some of the dominoes have dots instead of robots to match. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference

Look carefully at the pictures and click on the differences in the photo on the right hand side. There are three differences in each picture. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Nursery Rhyme Collage MakerNursery Rhyme Collage Maker

Choose a nursery rhyme then make a picture by dragging the characters and props into the scene. When you have finished, you can click Play to make the picture come to life and you can listen to the rhyme (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Colour TrainColour Train

Click the trucks to make the colours on your train match the one in the shed. (Crickweb)

Preschool Games - Mend the Family PhotoMend the Family Photo

Can you mend the family photo by dragging the pieces into the correct place? There are three different levels to choose from. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Balamory Nessie's StoryBalamory Nessie's Story

A rhyming story all about a trip to Loch Ness to look for Nessie the monster. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - KitesKites

Look at the kites very carefully and click on the two which are exactly the same. On the younger kids level the kites have faces, on the older kids level they have more abstract patterns. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Razzledazzle RhymingRazzledazzle Rhyming

Use the picture clues to help you to click on the word to complete the rhyme. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Smarteenies Shape StoreSmarteenies Shape Store

Choose a picture, then drag shapes from the drawers to complete it. When you have finished, you can turn the picture into a movie. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Barnyard MatchupBarnyard Matchup

Click the tiles to see pictures of animals and hear animal sounds. Match them up to reveal a photograph. (Harcourt)

Preschool Games - Lecky's Colouring GameLecky's Colouring Game

Paint the picture choosing colours to match the example. When you have coloured all the pictures, you can print a certificate with your name on. (Crickweb)

Preschool Games - SnapdragonSnapdragon

If the two cards match, click SNAP. A nice simple game to practice matching pictures. (BBC Wales)

Preschool Games - Peter Rabbit Stories Peter Rabbit Stories

This site contains a selection of Beatrix Potter books which are read aloud. These are not the full versions of the stories, so it is much better to get the real books if you can!

Preschool Games - CBeebies Watch and Read StoriesCBeebies Watch and Read Along Stories

An index of all the Cbeebies Watch and Read Along Stories. Once you've chosen the story, choose the full screen version if there is one. much

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