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Ahad, Mac 08, 2009

Permainan Bertema Makanan

7 Mar 09, 23:30
isma: ok. Kak g, bole bg is panduan ckit buat akt kumpln tema mknan? selasa ni is praktikum. bole gak buat abm yg sesuai.

Memandangkan hari ini saya sibuk dengan urusan keluarga, saya salinkan terus info yang diminta oleh Isma. Maaf kerana tidak sempat mengalihbahasakan ke Bahasa Malaysia. Harap bolehlah ya dibaca dan difahami. Mungkin esok pagi saya akan cuba mendapatkan info-info yang lain.

Cookie Match

Outline cookie cutters on a file folder. Let your children match the cookie cutter with the outline.

Cookie Bingo

Make bingo boards on circular pieces of brown paper. Provide your children with chocolate chips (made from paper) to use to cover an area. When they get bingo, give them a real cookie!

Pasta Sort

Place different shapes, sizes, and colors of pasta in a bowl. Let your children sort it.

Feed the Cookie Monster

Create a large cookie monster with his mouth cutout. Then play just like 'pin the tail on the donkey' only with cookies.

Real Cookie Bingo

Play Just like real bingo but use cookies to cover the squares!

Topping Toss

Cut out pizza topping shapes from cardboard. Then have your children stand back and try to throw those shapes onto a pizza pan. (For added effect cut out pictures of the toppings and glue onto the cardboard.

Pasta Match

Put different kinds of pasta on a piece of paper and trace around it. Provide your children with the paper and the pasta and let them match the tracing with the pasta.

Air Popping Corn

Put a large piece of paper on the floor. In the middle of the paper put an air popper (without the lid). Have you children stand back (it gets hot) and watch the popcorn fly out. After they see you can have it for snack.

Meatball Count

Create a plate of spaghetti using yarn. Attach a number to the plate. Have your children put a corresponding number of meatballs (pom-poms) on the plate.

Pizza Box Relay

Cut holes in the top of pizza boxes big enough for your children to put their feet in them. Have them do a relay shuffling across the floor.

Pizza Puzzle

Along with your class decorate a round piece of cardboard as a pizza. Then cut the pizza into puzzle pieces and let your children put it together.

Pizza on the Floor

Outline a piece of pizza on the floor of your classroom. Put different toppings on the piece. Next have your children call out the name of the topping when you or a student steps on it.

Chopstick Practice

Let your children practice using chopsticks by putting chopsticks in your dramatic play area and providing them with items to pick up with the sticks (pompoms, marshmallows, cotton balls, and small toys are great items to use)

Popcorn Count

Glue different number of pieces of popcorn on plates. Have your children separate their own popcorn into these numbers. Then tell them they can eat the pile of 3, pile of 4, etc.

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