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Selasa, Mac 17, 2009

Tema Sayur-sayuran

Sebagai memenuhi permintaan Suzila, inilah bahan yang dapat saya cari. Maaf kerana saya sangat sibuk sekarang ini. Bahan yang ada ini saya salin terus dari internet. Maaf juga kerana tiada masa untuk mengalihbahasakan.

Let's have some fun with three vegetables today:

Activity: Vegetables: Meet Calvin Carrot, Barney Broccoli and Lucy Lettuce at

Visit Dole and share some facts about theses vegetables. Show the children these attractive and easy recipes and plan on making one soon!

For this presentation it would be great to have the actual vegetables on hand to touch, hold and smell.

Have some cut-up vegetables ready for snack with the children's favorite dressing or just their favorite yogurt.

Broccoli - Fun and easy ways to eat and kid recipes

- Fun and easy ways to eat and kid recipes

Lettuce - Fun and easy ways to eat and kid recipes

Activity #2: Vegetable Basket Craft
Here is a craft that will help the children remember these vegetables and it can be used as a note holder or just as a cute decoration..

Print the templates of your choice in color or black and white.

Ideally the black and white version is more challenging so they can color or paint.

The basket can be printed directly onto any color of construction paper or card stock, and then the vegetables in black and white.

Cut out images, older children may be able to practice their scissor cutting skills particularly with the basket image.

1. You can choose to cut out the basket to make a nice decoration or simply leave as is and the children can glue the vegetables.

2. Write the first letter of the vegetable inside the image.

Idea: Note Holder or Decoration.
After the basket is completed, you can add a piece of magnet sheet to the back to put on the refrigerator, or glue a small piece of card board to the back of the handle to reinforce it, use a punch hole and add a string or ribbon to hang on a wall. Affix a post-it note pad to the front of the basket.

Alphabet Activities: V is for Vegetables
This a wonderful opportunity to present letter V.

Veggie Man

Preschoolers can use healthy fruits and vegetables and wooden toothpicks to create their own people. Use a pear for the body and a small apple for the head. Hold the apple and pear together by pushing each piece of fruit on the end of a Popsicle stick until they meet. Attach two baby carrots with tooth picks for arms. Celery stalks make great legs. Raisins, grapes, and olives are useful for creating faces. Use a banana peel to create long hair. Preschoolers enjoy searching through the refrigerator and cupboards to come up with their own parts for building food people too. Take a picture of the final product because it won’t last for long!

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