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Isnin, Mac 09, 2009

Permainan Bertema Makanan -2-

Ice Cream Eating

Give each child a scoop of ice-cream or 2 in a bowl. Have them sit at a table that they fit comfortably at. Make them keep their hands behind their backs and eat the ice-cream with only their mouths! Video tape or take pictures.

I Scream

Teach the kids: "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Divide the class in half and have a competition. Which team can say it the loudest. Then have them all say it together. Have a third party judge and they will be able to see that working together, they make the most noise.

Heresy's Kiss Hunt

I have played this game during Valentine's Day Parties and even Christmas
Parties. Just hide Hershey Kisses around your room and have the children search for them.

Note: I make sure I count the number I hide and if they are not in easier places
(or in plain site) I write down were they are placed, just in case some are
not found.

Push the Peanut

Give each racer a straw and a peanut (in the shell). Their job is to use the straw to push and roll the peanut from the starting line to the finish line. This can be played on the floor or on a table. On the floor or carpet, you can mark the starting and finish lines with masking tape. On a table just go from one end to the other.

Big Pizza

Use a parachute as a big pizza (or a brown/ tan sheet) and throw on meat balls (small balls), pepperoni (red paper plates) cheese (yarn). Have the children flip the pizza without throwing the toppings off.

Strawberry Toss

Make three strawberry shaped bean bags out of red felt. You can dot them with fine-tipped sharpie. Then find a bushel basket, for the children to toss the bags into. Give each child a try.

Surprise Box

To begin your watermelon unit, bring in a box large enough to fit the watermelon in. We call it the surprise box. It's covered with question marks. The children play 20 questions to try to guess what's in the box.

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