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Sabtu, Januari 10, 2009

Aktiviti Matematik


  1. Boople's Colors - Click on the objects that match the color.
  2. Colors and Shapes - States color and shape of objects. Sound effects helps students remember. Press a letter on the keyboard to go to the next shape. Gets students used to using the keyboard as an input objects instead of the mouse.
  3. Colors - click on the objects that are the color named.
  4. Nursery Tutor - Click on colors and set a time. Flash cards on line!


  1. Elmo's Playful Pets - sort the pets in different categories.
  2. Sorting - Sort objects
  3. Sorting Bert's Bottlecaps - sorting by three categories.
  4. Sort Elmo's Laundry - Sort by one category at a time.
  5. Sort Oscar's Trash - Click on the object, then click where it belongs.

Numbers recognition

  1. Big Bird's Numbers - Press a number key and Big Bird identifies number and has corresponding objects.
  2. Bunny Counting - Click on the number on the right that equals the bunny count.
  3. How Many - Count the objects and select the correct number to match.
  4. Monster Numbers - Find hidden numbers in a spooky setting.
  5. Number Recognition - Audio given; Click on the number the rabbit says. Feedback given on wrong response.
  6. Nursery Tutor - Click on numbers and set a time. Flash cards on line!
  7. Post Letters - Listen and put the letter in the mailbox that is named. This is a drag and drop activity. Numbers 0-30

Beginning numeral counting

  1. What number comes next - Numeral ordering
  2. Bees and Honey - Numeration exercise - use this to help mouse skills
  3. Fishing Mission - from FunSchool - Match numeral with correct amount of fish.
  4. Number Matching -Count objects and match the correct numeral to them.
  5. Counting - Pick an object to count; pick a number for the number of objects; audio counts objects as they appear.
  6. Counting - Count various objects and match the correct number to them. Drag the numbers to the groups
  7. Count the Bananas - Count the bananas Monkey eats.
  8. Count the Carrots - Click on the carrots. Rabbit keeps track of how many you have clicked. Great to learn mouse control.
  9. Counting - Teacher will need to set this up. Can select number range for individual students and also print out reports of their success.
  10. Counting Stories
    1. One Little Ball.
    2. Five Little Babies
    3. Six Little Teddy Bears
    4. Five Hungry Crocodiles
  11. Egg Counting Elmo - Click on the eggs and count them
  12. How Many Fish - Click on the correct number.
  13. Magical Numbers - counting objects
  14. Math Dojo - Select the skill you wish to practice then click on Begin Game. Click on Maybe Later when the registration page appears.
  15. Pirate Counting - count the barrels and type in the number, then click the red button.
  16. Number relationship – one to one numeral correspondence Bunny counting - Click on the group who has the same count as the bunnies
  17. Counting on a Cloud - Pick a picture, then pick a number. One to one correspondence.
  18. Count the Ants - Count the ants and pick the number.
  19. Counting with Lecky - Choose the level 1-5 or 6-10. Catch the amount of balloons that match the number.
  20. Finding Groups of Things - Click on the number that you are studying and find all the groups that equal the number amount.
  21. How Many - Click on the number equal to the amount of items.
  22. How Many - Count items;click on the number that match the amount. 1-10 .
  23. How Many - 1-20

Number order

  1. Number order- Click on the number that is missing.
  2. Connect the Dots Number order up to 30. Boys will like this site. Connecting dots form cars.
  3. Count the Dots - Connect the dots to create pictures. Can print out picture.
  4. Connect the Dots to make a picture - 1-50 or skip counting by 2s up to 100 10-25-08
  5. Counting Up- What is the next number when counting up? Students click on the number that comes next, counting up.
  6. Counting Down -What is the next number if counting down?
  7. Find the missing number - Fill in the missing number from one to ten. This is a keyboarding activity, not a mouse activity.
  8. Order the Numbers -Put hats in numerical order. Higher level thinking required as some numbers are missing and they must pass over those to see what comes next in sequence.
  9. Saucer Sorter - swap two or more numbers around and let partner put back in correct order.

Recognizing number words

  1. Name that Numeral - Click on the number word that matches the numeral. 1-10
  2. Match Number word with Numeral - 0-25
  3. Match Numeral to Number Word - 0-10
  4. Name that Numeral - Click on number word that matches the numeral. 1-10
  5. The Number Game - Read the number word and pick the number that matches. This game has 10 questions.

Counting to 100

  1. 100 hunt - find the target number on the number chart
  2. Give the Dog a Bone - On an empty number square, find the correct number spot.
  3. Mend the Number Square - Drag the number in the spot where the caterpillar is.
  4. Counting to 100 - Type in the number that comes next
  5. Counting to 100 - count the items and type in the correct number
  6. Interactive number chart - color the number chart to reinforce different lessons
  7. Telling time Do you know what time it is? - 5 levels of activities to select from.
  8. Telling Time to the Half Hour - Click on the Start arrow to go to the game. Look at the analog clock to determine the time, then select the digital clock that matches. This game consists of ten questions.
  9. Time Quiz - Practice half hour skills
  10. Identifying Time to the Hour -
  11. Telling Time - Players must drag the digital displays to the matching analogue clock (telling time to the half-hour). All against the clock of course! Other times : (fifteen minute increments) (five minute increments) (one minute increments) - For whole class instruction there is a clock available (digital or analog) which can be advanced by increments)
  12. Patterning Crazy Patterning Machine - recognize repeating patterns by using shapes, letters and numbers.
  13. Patterning - Check out Cookie; Cookie Monster has a line of groceries. What comes next?
  14. Patterning - What comes next?
  15. Patterning - Select a color, then select a shape and create your own pattern.

More Than / Less Than

More, Less, or the Same - Count the objects on each side and decide if they are more, less or the same. Students must recognize the words

More or Less - students select if number is more, less or equal to. Students must recognize the words

Beginning subtraction

Subtraction Problems - Small numerals. Subtract the numbers and click on the correct answer.

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