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Jumaat, April 10, 2009

Laman Web Permainan

Ini adalah snapshot yang boleh dilihat dari laman web Di bawah ini pula pautan yang boleh anda layari untuk permainan berkaitan Belajar Membaca. Hehe... rasanya malam ini pasti anda lewat tidur untuk melungsuri kesemua laman web ini. Saya sendiri pun sudah tidak larat untuk membuat snapshot bagi setiap permainan.

  • Between the LionsPlay games with Lionel and Leona while learning how to read.

  • I Can Read GameListen to sentences and point out the correct word when asked.

  • Learn to ReadThese online stories teach you how to sound out words.

  • Matching GameMatch the picture with the right word.

  • Picture MatchMatch letters and vowel sounds with the pictures that include them.

  • Sassy SealsListen for words that start with the same sound.

  • What's the Word?Click on the word that matches the picture. Choose animals, fruits, tools, machines or shapes.
  • Word GamesLearn how to read while playing games with sounds and rhymes.

Ini pula laman web untuk belajar puisi...

  • Animal MuddleListen to this poem about mixed-up animals.

  • Does It Rhyme?Find the line that rhymes in this 10-question quiz.

  • Find the RhymeHelp Reggie the Rhino find the rhyme.

  • HaikuTell about a favorite place, thing, person or time and learn about syllables by writing haiku poetry.

  • Giggle Poetry These poems will tickle your funny bone. Read and rate them!

  • Magnetic PoetryChoose from more than 100 words to drag over to an online fridge to make a poem.

  • Mother Goose Rebus RhymesLearn to read and count with these nursery rhymes that use pictures instead of words.

  • Nursery Rhyme Coloring PagesPrint out and color pictures from your favorite nursery rhymes.

  • Poem PackThese cartoon poems all feature a different long vowel sound.

  • PoetryListen and read along to poems about your shadow, the wind, pretend friends, hiding places and being afraid of the dark.
  • Poetry SplatterFinish writing silly poems by filling in the blanks.

  • Rhyming GameSelect a level and click on the words that rhyme with the given words.

  • Rhyming WordsMatch-up words that rhyme in this online game.

  • Shape PoemsChoose an apple, leaf, fish, balloon, star, heart or the sun and write your poem inside that shape.

  • Tongue TwistersListen to a few tongue twisters then try saying them yourself.
Ini pula pautan untuk Belajar Menulis.
Kalau ingin bercerita anda juga boleh melayari laman web di bawah:
  • Beantime StoriesIncludes fairy tales, silly stories and holiday tales.

  • Berenstain Bear TheaterWatch some of your favorite Berenstain Bears videos online.

  • Between the Lions: StoriesAt the end of each story is a game to play based on what you have read.

  • Big Ideas!Be a part of these stories about being kind, sharing and helping others.

  • Book-PopListen and read along to stories about fairies, trolls, unicorns and forest animals.

  • BookPALSSit back and listen as famous actors read some of your favorite picture books to you.

  • Clifford StoriesRead or listen to stories about Clifford the Big Red Dog. You can even change the way the story is told.

  • International Children's Digital LibraryRead children's books on many topics from all over the world.

  • Make a StoryChoose characters, places and actions to create a story and hear it read aloud.

  • Peter Rabbit StorytimeListen to the tales of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit.

  • Read Along StoriesListen and follow along with the words to stories about animals, families, art and time travel.
  • Story HourSit down and read folktales and funny stories from the Internet Public Library.

  • Story MakerCreate a story about you by answering a few questions.

  • Online StoriesRead all of these books right on your computer.

  • Tina's WorldSee if you can tell which stories are make-believe, and which are real.

  • VeggieTalesRead stories about your veggie friends including Madame Blueberry, Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus and Larry the Cucumber.
Selamat Belayar....opps... Selamat Belajar.

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