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Jumaat, November 28, 2008

How to Become a Preschool Teacher

By PamelaHilton

Being a Preschool teacher can be challenging, but the benefits make the job worth it. While all child care jobs have a reputation for not paying well, the emotional benefits are very fulfulling.

Step 1
In order to become a respected Preschool teacher, you need experience working with children. In the process of working on getting the schooling that you need, try getting as much experience as possible. You may want to get a job at a day care or even volunteer in your community if no paying jobs are available.

Check the state licensing requirements for Lead Teacher in your area. At many schools, an Associate's degree or even simply enough experience will land you a Lead Teacher position. Find out exactly what you need to have so you can get it and then put it on your resume. Employers will be impressed that you are already aware of the licensing requirements.

Step 3
Check into the schooling that you may need to obtain. You may not even need a degree in your state to teach Preschool, but it is certainly helpful to have one in Early Childhood Studies or Early Childhood Education. These degree programs will offer courses designed to instruct you in teaching children music, math, art, etc. There will also be classes to inform you of child development stages. Look into free seminars and training courses in your area as well.

Step 4
Make a portfolio. Use ideas from your past experience and from your college classes to make an idea binder. Organize the binder and fill it with sample lesson plans, activity plans, or bulletin board ideas. Employers will want to see that you come to the table with your own thoughts.

Step 5
Make an impressive resume. Do an online search for "sample lead teacher resume" and get ideas from that. Make sure you outline your experience and education, including any special training courses. List duties you have had while caring for children in the past.

Step 6
Once you land a job, maximize your potential by having patience, love for the children, and excellent relationships with employers and parents of the children.


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