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Khamis, Disember 17, 2009

Kegunaan Span dalam P&P

Pagi ini saya dapat soalan dari : wani: k.g nk tny skt boleh? ada x k.g idea mcmn gn span utk di jadikan bbm?

OK jom kita tengok apa kita boleh buat dengan span... hehe ingat spongebob... budak-budak mesti suka kan... Klik di pautan yang ada di bawah nanti untuk anda cetak bahan ok. Maaflah ya sebab saya tak sempat nak alihbahasakan. Korang bacalah dan fahamkan sendiri wokeh.

Make a cute Halloween card to give to someone special.
  • White, Orange or Black Construction paper
  • Free Printable Ghost and Spider Stencil
  • Sponge
  • Paper Plate or small plastic pallete for paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Tempera paint (white, black, orange or purple)
  • Masking tape
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Foam stickers to add decoration (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper to work on
  • Art smock or old shirt
  • Glue Stick (if you plan to create a mat for your card)
    1. Select a stencil of your choice. Make your own, find foam shapes at a craft supply store or find holiday stencils at educational stores.
    2. Cut your stencil out using construction paper.
    3. Select the color paint you want to use and then select a contrasting color of construction paper Black with white, orange with black, purple with white or orange are great combinations.
    4. Make a loop with a piece of masking tape and adhere your stencil to the paper.
    how to put paint with a  sponge
    1. Cut out a square or rectangular piece of sponge as shown in photo. The rectangular shape made it easy to hold.
    2. Put paint on the palette. Dip sponge into paint lightly or use a brush to apply.
    3. Gently stamp along all the edges of your stencil. Be sure to stamp around the entire shape to get a good outline when stencil is lifted.
    4. Let dry for a few minutes and then gently lift stencil.
    5. Repeat if desired in another location with same or another stencil.
    6. Let dry.
    7. Add a couple Halloween stickers for additional decoration or some wiggly eyes.
    8. Glue onto another construction paper for mat.


  • Practice on a piece of newspaper or scrap paper first to show your child how to print without pressing to hard.
  • For young toddlers, apply paint for them onto the sponge.
  • For older toddlers, let them dip into the paint or use a paint brush to apply. The paint brush minimizes excess paint.
  • If you plan to mat your card, use a glue stick to create a smoother effect. Sometimes Elmer's or other glues will create a slight wrinkle in paper glued together.

  • Read a Halloween story and talk about different Halloween characters or things that represent Halloween before making this toddler activity.
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