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Khamis, Januari 11, 2007

Pemakanan Sihat

Malam ini aku terbaca satu artikel berkaitan pemakanan sihat untuk kanak-kanak berusia 5 - 8 tahun. Apa ya makanan sihat tu? Alamak malaslah pula nak alihbahasa artikel itu ke Bahasa Malaysia. Anda baca dan terjemahlah sendiri ya.

Whether you're off to the playground with the stroller, on a road trip to Grandma's, or flying to the Magic Kingdom, traveling with a child in tow means having food on hand. It's not your imagination that kids are hungry all the time: They take in their daily nutrition from snacks as well as meals, which is why it's a good idea to have healthy choices readily available wherever you go. Consider nutritious take-alongs like these:

Fresh fruit cut in bite-sized pieces, including apple moons, sliced grapes, orange slices, and berries.

Trail mix. The variety of textures keeps it interesting and fun, and you can tailor the blend to your child's tastes. Combine cereals (for fiber), nuts (for protein), pretzels, chocolate chips, and dried fruits (for energy). Be sure to pick items that are easy to eat with your fingers.

Flavored popcorn. Sprinkle warm popcorn with paprika and Parmesan cheese, and package it in a brown paper sack. Or just pop it plain. If you'll have access to a microwave (when visiting at a friend's house, for example), bring a microwavable package .Look for a type that's low in heart-clogging hydrogenated fats.

Muffins. Package carrot or fruit muffins in individual plastic bags. Add miniature chocolate chips to a basic muffin recipe, such as bran or zucchini, to increase the appeal of the good-for-you ingredients. Add a few tablespoons of wheat germ or a handful of oats to any batter to increase its fiber content in an undetectable way.

Granola bars. They're less fatty than a candy bar. Plus, your child will get more fiber while still satisfying a sweet tooth.

Rice cakes. Crunchy and fun.

String cheese or cubed cheese. If you have a cooler or won't be away long, cheese provides calcium and protein. Add some whole-grain crackers for a satisfying mini-meal.

Raisins. Sweetness, fiber, iron, and quick energy in each handful. What more could you ask? Single-serving boxes are easy to pack.

Snack cookies such as animal crackers, fig bars, graham crackers, gingersnaps, or vanilla wafers. These low-fat, low-sugar treats can tide your child over until mealtime or serve as a stand-in for dessert.

Raw veggies such as baby carrots or edamame. Serve them solo or with a yogurt dip, packaged together in a plastic container with separate compartments for dip.

Cups of applesauce. Pick different flavors and blends for a satisfying low-fat source of fiber and vitamin C that tastes pleasingly sweet.

Something to drink. Make it 100 percent juice or flavored water, a yogurt drink, or on a hot day, an energy drink such as Gatorade.

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