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Selasa, Februari 23, 2010

How To Teach Mathematic


Saya diminta oleh seorang bakal guru untuk menerangkan cara mengajar Matematik di prasekolah. Inilah video yang dapat saya letakkan di sini untuk memudahkan tugasan kita. Selamat mencuba.

Kindergarten is the first step in a child's journey of learning. Usually attended between the ages of 3-6 years old, it is where they learn to play, communicate and interact with others for the first time. It serves the purpose of training the child to be away from the parents as well as enforces ideas of friendship and camaraderie. It also allows the parents to return to their jobs during the day while their children are at school.

In these free video clips you will learn several useful tips and techniques on how to help your child with kindergarten math. This will include many addition and subtraction games, counting numbers, coins and dots as well as learning about shapes and colors which are an important part of the visual aspect of mathematics. Be there for your child and ready to help them when they feel they need it with these free videos.

Teach kids numbers and number identification by making charts with numbers so kids aren't just memorizing number sequences, they'll recognize a number standing alone; get more with tips on teaching kids numbers, in this free kindergarten education video.

Counting household objects is a fun way for kids to learn how to count, kids can count beans, eggs, shirts and socks and soon know many numbers; learn other tips on counting numbers in this free kindergarten education video.

Teach kids how to add dots and learn simple addition in this free kindergarten education video on how to teach kids the basics of kindergarten math.

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