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Ahad, Februari 07, 2010

Friends Theme

Next week my preschoolers will learn about friend. Here is some suggestion that I think can be include into the teaching session. Hehe...I hope I can access through the internet to teach my little kids about friendship.

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug and
A kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?

I love you
You love me
We're best friends
Like friends should be
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?

This will be my worksheet on Monday for the English session. We will recite the song and colour the picture. Do you think this will be enjoyable session? I hope so.

4 ulasan:

Elnour berkata...

salam, kak G. ya, sure diorang suka. penah buat lagu ni tahun2 lepas dan minta diorang peluk bahu rakan-rakan sebelah-menyebelah waktu nyanyi. sure diorang seronok n nak lagi :)

Fauziah berkata...

harap g2 la..sok timbalan pengarah pelajaran johor dijangka masuk ke kelas akak...that why i m so worried about the children participation.

ADELINE SIMON berkata...

hi kak g.. all the best with your t& l session tomorrow. surely nervous when u have the deputy director coming over to your class! anyway, I hope everything will run smoothly and the children will give their best cooperation in class. =D

Fauziah berkata...

thanks adeline. i hope everything will be ok. quite nervous because the media will come and take a picture..hope the kids will happy tomorrow.