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Selasa, Ogos 18, 2009

Laman Web Kenal Abjad

by Lil' Fingers. Click on the letter to hear its name.

Click on the letter to hear its name. Julia's Rainbow Corner

British site; the lower case D'Nealian style letters appear one at a time and the name of the letter is stated. Z is pronounced zed in Britain.

magnet alphabet video

Teach your child the sounds of letters with this online movie based on the Reading Lesson

ABC Mommy and Me
Click on the letters to hear their names.

The ABC Game

Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page. This game has 10 questions

The Alphabet
States the Alphabet in order. This is a British site and the Zis not called a Z. When you click on the letters across the top, you have a choice of listening to the name, listening to the sound, learning how to write the letter.

Alphabet Antics
Listen to the monkey say the letter. Click on the correct letter. Three levels.

Alphabet Art
A few fun mediums you can use to help your students form letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Action
Click a letter to hear its name and see a picture.

Alphabet Awareness
from StarFall - click on a letter and hear the name of the letter. When the arrow at the bottom is clicked, the sound of the letter is heard along with a rhyme.

Alphabet Coloring Pages
Many pictures for each letter. Color online

Alphabet Goop
stir the goop and then match what comes out to one of two letters

Alphabet Preschool Activities and Crafts
Each letter has a variety of activities and crafts. (heavy with ads and pop-ups)

The Alphabet Jungle Song
Song, plus letters. This is a British site and the Z is called a zed.

The Animated Alphabet
Click on a letter on the left and it states the letter and has a movie to go with it.

Press any letter on the keyboard and Elmo will tell you what it is and show a picture that starts with that letter.

Learn Your ABC's
(from Fisher Price) The letter is named. Students press a letter on the keyboard to go to the next letter. Gets students used to using the keyboard as an input objects instead of the mouse.

Learn your Letters
click on the objects that start with the given letter - after selecting the letters Jump with Cow to collect objects practicing moving your mouse

Letter Practice
Dotted pages to print to help trace letters with fingers for recognition.

Letter TV Teacher Audio Alphabet
click on a letter to hear it pronounced.

Lost Letters
type letters which pop up on the screen to spell words - three levels

Magic Mailbox ABC's
Click to see what letter is hiding in the mailbox. random letters pop out and are pronounced

Musical Worms Spelling
in Level 1 see the word and click on correct letters one at a time, singing worms will tell you what you spelled. Level 2 shows a picture and pronounces but students must spell by clicking on letters

Online Alphabet book
see the letter and a pictures to associate with it. No audio

Printed Alphabet activities
Cut letters into pieces for a center time activity. Put a letter train together in correct order. Many other activities

Pick a letter and hear its name
Click on a letter and hear the name of the letter;see a picture of an object that starts with that letter.

Songs for each letter of the alphabet
Click on the letter and hear the song .

Sunnie's Letters
Segments of letters so child is not overwhelmed. Match picture to beginning sound after identifying set of letters.

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