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Rabu, Ogos 11, 2010


Submitted by Cindy Marotta, a Preschool teacher from Warwick, Rhode Island

I have a lesson that my preschoolers loved to do and are very proud of.

In the course of learning our ABC's, we create a large decorated letter each time a new letter is learned. I cut a large letter out of poster board ( I use different colors for each letter), and we decorate it as a class. We glue on whatever we have handy. We have used cut-up egg cartons, feathers, cut-up paper towel rolls, etc.

We paint the cardboard rolls and egg cartons and glue on buttons, foam shapes and various shapes from construction paper.

When it is completed we hang it high up on the wall for everyone to see. The letter has 3 dimensional qualities which really make it look like a piece of artwork!

© Cindy Marotta

Saya juga telah membuat aktiviti ini di kelas. Saya melakarkan bentuk huruf dan membina dekorasi di seluruh abjad berkenaan. Ada kala ia bercorak seperti hiasan batik dan apabila diwarnakan memang cantik sekali. Kanak-kanak pun seronok mewarnakan abjad gergasi ini.

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