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Khamis, Ogos 04, 2011

The Big Turnip

The Big Turnip

Once there lived a farmer in a small village in Kerala.
He had a turnip farm and one day he sent the servant out to gather all the ripe turnips.
The servant went into the field and started collecting ripe turnips.
To his surprise, he found he just could not pull out one particularly large turnip, despite all efforts.
The servant tried again and again, but could not succeed.
The man shouted for his master.
The master came running.
Together they started pulling the turnip out of the ground, but it was of no use.
So the farmer shouted for his wife.
His wife came running.
The three of them tried hard to pull it out. Again the turnip refused to budge!
The farmer's wife shouted for their son.
The son came running.
Together they tried hard to pull it out. No it is not coming out.
The son shouted for his wife.
The son’s wife came running.
Now all the five started pulling with all their might.
A mouse came out of its hole to see what was happening.
Oh they were trying to pull out the largest turnip.
I should help them after all I am surviving on their corps. The mouse said to himself.
The mouse burrowed under the ground and soon reached near the turnip.
There were large roots holding the turnip.
If I cut the roots with my teeth, surely they can pull it out, thought the mouse.
So he started biting the roots one by one.
He was about to cut the last root and suddenly it happened!

Think! Think again!
What might have happened there at that time?
Complete the story to give it a funny ending.

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