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Ahad, April 03, 2011

Rabbit Crafts


an egg capsule, a pair of scissors, Glue, pen, Wiggle Eyes

Step one:

Step two:

Step three:

Step four:

Step five:

Step six:

Step eight:

A pet rabbit’s diet typically consists of unlimited Timothy hay, a small amount of pellets, and a small portion of fresh vegetables.

Rabbits are social animals. Rabbits as pets can find their companionship with a variety of creatures, including humans, other rabbits, guinea pigs, and sometimes even cats and dogs. Rabbits do not make good pets for small children because they do not know how to stay quiet, calm, and gentle around rabbits. As prey animals, rabbits are alert, timid creatures that startle easily. They have fragile bones, especially in their backs, that require support on the belly and bottom when picked up. Children 10 years old and older usually have the maturity required to care for a rabbit.

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