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Ahad, Mac 06, 2011

Letter M Activities

Arts and Crafts

Give each child a paper bag to fit over their head. Help them to cut out openings for eyes, nose and mouth. Supply a variety of materials for them to decorate their masks. Or use a paper plate and cut out eye holes and decorate. Attach a popsicle stick to the back edge.

"Me" Book
Have each of the children bring 4 or 5 snapshot-sized pictures from home. Use Zip Lock baggies for the children to insert 2 pictures front to back. You can insert a cardboard between the pictures to make it more sturdy. Add 2 binders on the zipper end and the children can flip through their own book.

Magic Wands
Make magic wand with straws and any type of streamers, ribbon etc. Decorate it any way you like, tape on the ends.

Macaroni Necklaces
These can be colored with markers or dipped in watercolors, let dry, and string.

Marble Art
toilet paper or paper towel tubes
variety of different sized marbles
tempera paint poured into shallow containers
Have the children pick up a marble with the tongs and dip it into the paint. Drop the marble on the paper. Move the marble around with the tube, holding the tube just above the paper so as not to rub the tube on the paper. When they are finished with one color, pick up the marble with the tongs. Get another marble and pick it up with the tongs and dip it into a different colored paint. Drop it onto the paper and use a clean tube to move it around. Use several different sized marbles and several colors of paint. Remember, the finished product does not matter although there will be an interesting printed paper when they are finished.

"Me" Poster
For older children have them make a "me" poster. Give each child a large sheet of paper and have them draw a picture of themselves. Have them draw or write important things about themselves- what they like, don't like, favorites, and so on. Title the posters All about Me or My favorite things.

Make an M collage
Give each child a sheet of paper and lots of items to work with such as macaroni, mini stickers, masking tape, mirrors, anything they can glue to paper that starts with the letter M. Give them magazines to look for items. Also have them think of things that start with the letter M that they can use.

Make Medals
Cut out tag board circles. Punch a hole on one edge. Set out markers, ribbons, glitter, etc depending on the age of the children. Let them decorate their medals. Place a ribbon or yarn through the hole to create a necklace.

Make mushroom prints by cutting mushrooms in half and pressing in paint then on paper or fabric.

Have the children draw a monster. For younger children, use this opportunity to talk about monsters, and how they're not really hiding under the bed, in the closet, etc.

Make a moose head band, and attach antlers like a moose.

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