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Khamis, Jun 17, 2010

Baby Talk

Even from within the womb, babies are trying to communicate. A return kick to a tummy rub, a punch to a loud song, these are the earliest forms of communication. The awareness of speech sounds is also developing at this time. Researchers have been able to determine this by using the fetal heart rate test to track an unborn baby’s heart rate in relation to external sounds. They have discovered that unborn baby’s heart rate will decrease at the sound of their mother's voice (Fitzpatrick, 2002). An important strategy for early promotion of language is introducing the unborn baby different types of speech. Having continual communication is important. By reading stories, singing, and even talking to the baby, parents can help to promote developing language skills.

After birth, and leaving the underwater world of the womb, an infant will begin to vocalize his or her communication. From birth until about 4 months of age, this communication consists mainly of reflexive crying to express feelings (Fitzpatrick, 2002). At this point, it is imperative to continue speaking with the baby. Mirroring sounds and early words, responding to her communication, and answering her cries are all ways to start an infant on the road to speech. Studies of babies’

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