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Selasa, Ogos 22, 2017

Paper cat

Cat and Kitten Arts and Crafts

Calico Cats 
Supply your students with large textured, striped, and patterned wallpaper pieces to make calico cats. Cut out of large construction paper a cat silhouette. Have each child place the cat on the wallpaper of their choice and trace around the cat shape. Glue eyes, nose, whiskers and a tail with construction paper, yarn, or curling ribbon.
Kitten Pattern
Materials: poster paints (blue and green), 9 x 12 white vellum paper, pre-cut kitten pattern, assorted construction paper (brown, gray, white, etc.)
Pre-fold vellum paper in half lengthwise – or draw line through center of paper. Demonstrate how to paint the bottom half of vellum green and the top half blue (to the line). While paint is drying, demonstrate how to trace and cut out kitten pattern and then glue on picture. Tape divider is to separate materials. Marker is to draw face on kitten. Tray is to collect scraps from cutting.
Cat Hand Print 
Use a wallpaper sample book to let the children cut out a rug for their cat to sit on. Then put their hand print upright on the “rug” (fingers together, thumb outstretched a little becomes the tail). Use the top of a liquid detergent cap to make a circle at the top of the hand-print (to become the cat’s head). Add facial features, whiskers, etc.
The Cat of Many Colors
(Read this poem while doing the activity below)
Once there was a cat all white
Who wished that he were black as night.
He was as thirsty as could be,
And in the cupboard, what did he see?
Grape juice right before his eyes!
He drank it. Then, to his surprise,
He turned from white to something new:
Deep dark purple was his hue.
He peered into his little cup,
Saw tomato juice, and lapped it up.
He soon became the brightest red.
He thought,”Maybe I should go to bed;”
But he wasn’t tired, and so
He looked for somewhere else to go.
He spied an orange on the floor,
And pounced in it, and played some more.
As he played this little game,
Orange was what he became.
He played with some blueberries, too,
So suddenly the cat turned blue.
A sour lime sat on the ground.
The kitty licked it, and he found
That he felt strange and not so keen,
For he had turned the color green.
Now he was a sad little fellow,
So he ate a banana and turned bright yellow.
Just then he saw a tasty treat,
Another food he had to eat.
A long black piece of licorice
Gave the little cat his wish.
He ate it all, and soon he was
Black from his head down to his paws!
Why did this happen? You guessed right,
If you blamed it all on Halloween night.
For the activity:
Cut a cat shape out of white, purple, red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and black construction papter. Cut out a shape for each of your children (or if children are old enough have them do it) and attach each shape to a craft stick to make a stick puppet. Give a stick puppet to each child. Before you read the poem, ask the children to listen carefully for the color of their cat puppet. When they hear the color, have them wave their puppet in the air.
Cat Costumes
Cut construction paper into strips and a variety of triangular and circular shapes. Invite each child to glue two ear shapes to a strip to make an ear headband. Carefully staple the finished headbands around each child’s head. Help children use washable markers or eyebrow pencils to draw whiskers on their faces. Use safety pins to attach yarn tails to their clothing.
Kitty Cat Yarn Designs
Give each child a sheet of dark construction paper and several pieces of yarn in a variety of colors and sizes. Invite children to dip the yarn in the glue and place the yarn on the colored paper to make creative designs.
Kitten Baskets
Give each child a small cardboard box and a cat shape cut from posterboard or calendars to fit inside the box. Set out materials such as construction paper scraps, felt tip markers, cat stickers, cotton balls, fabric pieces and glue. Then let the children decorate their cardboard boxes and line them with soft materials to make sleeping baskets for their kittens.
The Three Little Kittens 
a) Using paper plates or paper bags, have the children make cat masks
b) Make a yarn collage, the older children may be able to manipulate the yarn to make pictures!
c) Cut out two matching mittens per child from either different colors of construction paper or different patterns of wallpaper, mix them up and have children match up the correct pairs. If using wallpaper, play a form of Memory Game, having children try to remember which mittens match when placed face down on a playing surface
Kitty Collage
Let Children find and cut or tear out pictures of cats from greeting cards and magazines. Paste their cats on pieces of constructions paper.
Cat Prints
Make paw prints using a raw potato cut to resemble paw prints and tempera paints. These prints can also be scattered around for a “follow the paw” obstacle course game or hide a stuffed cat somewhere and the children have to follow the prints to find the cat.
Cat Puppets
Make sock puppet cats using felt for ears and quilting or heavy thread for whiskers. Use marker pens for eyes and any other decorations.
Adopt a Cat!
Using faux fur from a craft/fabric store have children/adult cut out cat shapes, children can glue on button eyes and have a pet of their own. Use yarn and a piece of fancy paper to make a license/nametag. Write out adoption papers with child’s name, cat’s name and date of adoption.
Cat Collage
Have children make a cat collage from pictures cut from a magazine.

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