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Sabtu, Februari 19, 2011

How to Make a Star-Shaped Book

Making a star-shaped book is easier than you may think. See how to create a star-shaped book that can be used as a gift or as a memory keepsake.

Transcript: How to Make a Star-Shaped Book

Hi, I'm Holly Deambrosi for Did you know you can make a book that opens up into a star shape? This is a wonderful project that you can make with a child to keep memories in or give as a gift.

Supplies for Creating a Star-Shaped Book

This project will be faster and easier for a child to make if you prepare the materials ahead of time.
  • 2 pieces of thin cardboard cut 4" square
  • 2 pieces of decorative paper cut 5 1/2" square
  • 5 cardstock rectangles cut to 4 x 8" and folded exactly in half
  • 5 patterned paper rectangles that are 6 1/2 x 3 1/2". Fold each exactly in half.
  • Glue stick
  • Double sided tape
  • 2 pieces of ribbon, 10" long each

Instructions for Making a Star-Shaped Book

Glue the two pieces of cardboard onto the two 5 1/2" squares of paper. Cut the corners diagonally off the paper and fold the sides down and glue them to the cardboard.

Take a large rectangle and put double-sided tape or glue on the inside edge of each end and put a smaller rectangle inside with the end edges lining up with those of the larger rectangle. Make sure the smaller rectangle is centered horizontally on the larger rectangle and that there is a space in the middle between the two rectangles.

Repeat this process until all the smaller rectangles are attached to the larger ones. Once they are ready, glue all 5 folded rectangles together with the outsides attaching to one another. We'll do this by putting glue on the outside of one and, lining up the edges with another one, press them firmly together. Repeat this until all 5 are attached in a row, leaving the ends open for the cover.

Now glue the end of a piece of ribbon to the inside of each piece of cardboard. Glue the cardboard pieces to the ends of the star book so that the ribbon is between the cover and the book paper.

Let your child draw pictures or put stickers in the book. You may want to add some photos of him that can be embellished to make a mini scrapbook.

You can tie the book closed, or open it into a star form and tie the ribbon to hold the shape.

For a fun variation, use different colored or patterned paper for each fold of the star. When using a variety of patterns, stay with one color scheme for unity.

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