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Isnin, Oktober 18, 2010

Mengajar Kanak-kanak Tentang Penjagaan Kesihatan

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Teaching correct and acceptable hygiene principles is vital to achieve life long habits in the prevention and spread of illnesses and infections, but also to maintain a suitable appearance and avoid offending others.

Methods of Education for Young Children
Encourage an enjoyable bath time by making it an integral part of every day family life. Singing songs and playing with bath toys will make this duty something to look forward to for the child and will make cleansing a ritual that will become part of life. Teach children about bacteria and fungi using picture books and express that by allowing objects and themselves to become dirty and not getting cleaned will cause bacteria to multiply and cause mould.

Allow children to play outside regularly, but explain why it is important to clean soiled clothes and bodies afterwards. Recent guidelines suggest that the most effective way of preventing and treating head lice is by using everyday conditioner and a fine toothed comb (nit comb) weekly to prevent lice or daily to treat them. This can be achieved more easily than the traditional application of pesticide treatments and children can actually help to apply the conditioner and comb it through themselves.

Allow youngsters to attempt to clean their own teeth even if they need cleaning afterwards, they will enjoy the responsibility. Give children encouragement to maintain their own hygiene; allow them to help with the laundry and the housework, this way they will learn the correct way of doing it and will carry this knowledge with them through life.

Antara cara yang boleh dijalankan di kelas adalah dengan menayangkan tayangan video dari youtube sebagaimana di bawah ini. Agak meloyakan juga untuk menunjukkan video klip ini namun sebenarnya ia banyak membantu kanak-kanak untuk memahami konsep yang betul.

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